Retired as of June 5, 2014 
Barbara S. Metz has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and over 30 years’ experience as a therapist. She has served on the board of the Guilford County Mental Health Association and as Treasurer of the American Academy of Psychotherapy. She has studied extensively with leading Gestalt and TA therapists but considers herself an eclectic therapist—drawing upon GestaltTA, Cognitive-Behavioral, Enneagrams and Psychodynamic therapies and Energy Psychotherapy. In addition to counseling, Barbara enjoyed teaching and providing supervision.  Although she dealt with all issues, she was especially interested in helping clients with depression, phobias, chronic pain, same sex relationships, and age-related issues. In dealing with older populations, she helped clients address concerns such as “What do I do when I retire?”; “Is my lack of energy normal?”; and feelings of anger “that I can’t do what I used to do.” She also enjoyed working with adolescents, who, she says, view her not as a parental figure but as a wise old grandma—a grandma with whom they can safely confide.Despite her extensive study in myriad therapies, Barbara liked to keep her sessions light and colloquial. She explained, “I conduct therapy in plain old Southern English, not psychologeese. Instead of ‘curing’ people, I help them to feel better about themselves and to find a life they consider worth living.”