Retired as of July 1, 2014:  Peter Wohlwend was a licensed marriage and family therapist who earned his M.Div. in Clinical Pastoral Psychology from Duke University and completed clinical training in Houston Texas. He practiced therapy in Greensboro for 30+ years. Throughout his career, Peter was professionally involved with a wide variety of community agencies. He served as the Chair of the Child and Family Psychotherapy Unit of the Guilford County Department of Mental Health and worked with the Mental Health Association, the Family Life Council, the Focus Program for men through Turning Point, to name a few. Peter is well known as a speaker and workshop presenter. He is personally active in the men’s movement and is a founding member of the Triad Men’s Council. Peter’s approach to therapy was based on his belief that our culture and its pace uproot people from traditional support systems—extended families, neighborhoods, communities and sense of self—and leaves us vulnerable to problems that express themselves in symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, stress, etc. He feels that solutions to these problems can be found by working in an atmosphere of positive regard and mindfulness to determine the meaning of the symptoms and to re-establish contact with our organic selves. Peter enjoyed working with people in the context of their individual lives, their marriages/families, and other relationships to facilitate their search for workable and meaningful solutions.