Helen Campbell Campbell has a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and over 35 years experience as a psychotherapist. For the past 30 years she has been in private practice in Greensboro, NC and specializes in treating trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, abuse issues, loss, and grief. She has done extensive postgraduate training in Redecision Therapy and Energy Psychology, with certifications in Advanced Integrative Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Energy Diagnostics, Treatment Methods (EDxTM), and EMDR. She is also a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner.

In the first decade of her career she specialized in treating child and adult victims of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. In several North Carolina counties, she spearheaded community services—including domestic violence and rape crisis centers and a sexual abuse treatment program.

Helen’s interest in helping clients resolve past traumas led her to train in therapies that are experiential in nature and go beyond talk therapy alone—including energy psychotherapies such as AIT and EDxTM, as well as EMDR, Hypnotherapy, and TA/Gestalt. She believes that effective therapy should be grounded in talk therapy—therapy that creates a safe place for clients to feel understood and respected. However, intellectual insight provided by talk therapy is rarely effective by itself; it is “only one piece of the puzzle.” In order for clients to make deep and lasting change, they need to make an internal emotional and energetic shift. By enabling clients to make this shift, experiential therapies facilitate enduring, and often rapid, change and growth.

“I love what I do,” explains Helen. “I enjoy watching people make positive change and become happier with their lives. And I am honored that, in their growth process, clients are able to share with me the tender and vulnerable parts of themselves. I think one of the strengths of my practice is that I respect my clients and look at them as people, not as diagnoses. I have genuine relationships with my clients.”

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