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Julie Albert is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker known for her attentive listening, quick perception, and deep compassion. Julie holds a Master’s in Social Work, has 18 years of clinical experience and, just as important, she has significant life experience. Julie is a lifelong learner who reads daily, attends conferences frequently, and teaches other clinicians new research, fresh skills and innovative interventions for altering lifestyles and managing health concerns.

One treatment modality transformed Julie’s practice in 2008. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR) (www.EMDR.com), rapidly heals trauma and is so remarkably effective the Veteran’s Administration recommends EMDR for soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. EMDR swiftly heals the emotional pain from rape, accidents, catastrophic illness, loss of a loved one, humiliations, and childhood wounds – essentially any event which still feels disturbing and raw.

Julie currently works with adults (age 18 and up), families and groups, helping with numerous issues, including:
            Depression, including hopelessness

            Anxiety, including panic attacks and phobias

    Trauma Recovery, including healing from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Crisis Management, including finding opportunity and hope in crisis

    Addictions, including behavioral addictions as well as substances

    Domestic Violence, including understanding the cycle and underlying control issue

    Life Transitions such as:

                                          Separating from original family

                                          Leaving a long term relationship

                                                 ‘Empty nest’ resolution

                                  Moving from a lifelong home to another environment

                                          Caring for elderly family members

Julie completed the Master’s in Social Work program at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996. Subsequently, Julie treated a multitude of mental health problems in a suburban mental health center. Then Julie specialized in domestic violence by managing a shelter; creating, facilitating and teaching group therapy; ensuring court representation; and providing individual therapy to survivors. Julie’s next calling was hospice, offering education, guidance and support to families in the throes of grief.

A move from Virginia to North Carolina in 2007 offered numerous outpatient and inpatient treatment opportunities well as a current part time position at Moses Cones Behavioral Health Unit in Alamance County.

Julie sincerely appreciates the courage required to face dark times and change lifelong habits. Julie willingly supports, guides and encourages you along your path to healing and a more fulfilling life.