Ernest McCoy is a Gestalt practitioner who has a BS degree in Music from NC A & T State University and an Ed.S. degree in Counseling from The University of North Carolina – Greensboro. He also has an MSW in Clinical Social Work from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. Ernest is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Master Social Work Addictions Counselor. 

He has been in private practice for 32 years at The Center for Psychotherapy and Life Skills Development. He enjoys working with couples, adults, families, and adolescents in a process that promotes the acceptance of strengths and limitations. He is well-versed in multi-cultural differences/similarities and LGBTQIA issues.

Ernest has practiced Gestalt Therapy in Colleges, Universities, psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation centers for adolescents and individuals who have abused themselves with alcohol and other drugs, mental health clinics and state penitentiaries. Ernest has also worked as a trainer and consultant with the Gestalt Educational International Network in Frankfort, Germany and he is a trainer and consultant with the Appalachian Gestalt Therapy Institute of Asheville, NC.

Ernest began his training as a Gestalt Practitioner in the 1970’s and continues to receive training on a frequent basis. His trainers include Jack Mulgrew, Jim Simkim, Laura Perls, Rita F. Resnick, Lynne Jacobs, the Polsters and others.

Drawing on his training in Gestalt psychotherapy and EMDR, Ernest takes the approach that therapy is a type of personal growth. By helping his clients examine what they are doing to themselves and what they are doing to others, he helps them learn how to take better care of themselves, how to be kinder to themselves and, as a consequence, kinder to others. “We all have strengths and limitations,” McCoy says. “What may be a limitation in one situation may actually be a strength in another situation and vice versa.” The basic goal of Ernest’s approach is to assist you in learning to ”Be Good to Yourself!”


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