At The Center, we enjoy helping people and are proud of our clients’ successes. Several of our clients have agreed to let us tell their success stories—tell how, through therapy, they were able to grow and change; how, through therapy, they came to feel better about themselves and their future. Note: To protect our clients’ confidentiality, we have changed their names and any other identifying information.

Fear of Flying Eliminated in Three Sessions Megan is a businesswoman who flies frequently for her business. Five years ago, she fell in love and found happiness and a level of self acceptance she hadn’t known before. Ironically this new-found joy triggered an intense fear of flying—Megan was afraid of dying and losing her happiness. For years, she continued to force herself to fly while pursuing numerous treatments with no success. She continued to be very anxious the day before a trip and could only manage the actual flying by taking tranquilizers. As a result, she would not feel well for two days following a flight.

Frustrated, Megan sought treatment at The Center. During her first session, her therapist gathered her history and made a full assessment of her problem. In the second session, Megan and her therapist used energy psychotherapy techniques to reduce her fear. When Megan came for her third session, she reported that she had had no distress at anytime during a flight except a little apprehension during take off. For the rest of the session, Megan and her therapist worked to completely eliminate her fear of flying. Since then Megan has flown without fear. She has been able to converse on an airplane and feel relaxed before, during, and after a flight.

Recovering from Depression Referred for counseling by his family physician, Philip, a business executive, came to The Center suffering from symptoms of depression—difficulties getting and staying asleep, weight gain, social withdrawal, fatigue, lack of enjoyment in usual activities, and irritability. In therapy, Philip disclosed that in the previous three years he had endured several major life events, including the death of his father, the end of a long-term relationship, financial difficulties, a change in his job, and a move to a new city.

After 12 weeks of individual therapy and treatment with antidepressants prescribed by his family physician, Philip reports that he is feeling great. He sleeps much better and is enthusiastic and energetic; he works out regularly, has lost weight, and has an active social life. Through therapy, he has learned to identify his feelings and use them as guideposts to figure out and get what he wants and needs.

Parenting Skills Training Ben and Laura were at their wit’s end with their oldest child, Matt—they felt unprepared to deal with their adolescent’s disruptive behavior. Excessively jealous of his younger brother, Matt sought attention by lying, manipulation, and passive aggressive behavior. Not only did the couple feel unprepared to deal with their son’s misconduct, they were not sure which of his actions were normal—which they should overlook as part of a passing teenage phase and which they should address as a problem.

At The Center for Psychotherapy, Matt received the professional counseling he needed, and Ben and Laura received the parenting skills training they needed to assess and deal with their son’s behavior. In their training, the couple learned concrete ways to provide effective, appropriate structure and logical consequences for their child. They learned strategies to better communicate with both their children, to motivate their children’s appropriate behavior, and to deal with the general stresses of parenting. Today the family as a whole communicates better and is both healthier and happier.

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